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Romeo and Juliet Theme Wedding: Interview with our Bride

I was inspired by this couple from the moment the bride contacted me. Caroline and Stephane had a vision; they were free spirits. A Romeo & Juliet theme! This kind of vision is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a wedding planner. There are so many possibilities to create with such a concept. The director Baz Luhrmann is a cinematic genius and his work is full of inspiration for events: The Great Gatsby and Australia are two of my favourite films for decór and Romeo and Juliet is full of symbols, surprises and imagination.

The vendors and what went down

Castell de Ben Viure was the ultimate venue to set the fair Verona scene with its colonial style architecture and colours and all just 30 minutes from Barcelona.

Floral decorations were by Pepe Von Strudel, full of fantastic roses in red-the ultimate Shakespearean tone of tragedy and passion. Rentals by Alquiler Hosteleria

Custom-made neon light “Young Hearts Run Free” created the ambience for an edgy fun party and our hand-made seating chart along with personalised waters pistols inspired by the movie, were finishing touches which also provided hours of fun for all the guests.

Laura the photographer captured it all as only she knows how.

Drag queen Sandra Love led the way to the party and got the Mercutio show started after handing all the guests an invitation (see video below). 

After a delicious dinner provided by Original Catering there were more surprises; a 25 person choir appeared on the balcony for their rendition of “Everybodys Free” (a complete surprise for the groom!). 

Tarot reader and customised photo call just like in the movie.

Mini bottles of poison (Spanish liquor) personalised with each guest’s name and a shrine to honour Juliet! 

Midnight churros and chocolate were provided by Foodporn together with bar signage.

The interactive “lovers fish tank” installation created by Luca added another fun surprise to the after party.

Crazy and fun! I loved everything about working with this couple, sharing ideas and developing a dream until it actually came true. “Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do”. But don’t just take my word for it, we brought in our one and only “Juliet” bride Caroline to tell us her thoughts about the wedding. 

As we can see from the photos you looked stunning, what did you love the most about your wedding dress?

The A cut and the comfort. I didn’t want to be self-conscious on my wedding day (I hate my hips), so it took me a while but I finally found the dress in which I could feel really good and – more importantly- free to move.

What was your favourite memory from your wedding?

The kick off to the party. Sandra took our hands to bring us upstairs , everybody followed, and I don’t know, this crowd movement, full of smiles and energy, it was magical.

But the truth is that the rhythm of the night was so perfectly orchestrated that it made every moment a very special memory.

Why did you chose Spain as you wedding destination?

For the weather, the atmosphere (very chilled and festive) and because Barcelona had a special meaning for both my husband and I. We both spent a lot of time there when we were younger.

What was your favourite thing about your wedding flowers?

The creativity and the integration with the venue.

Our florist Pepe perfectly understood what we were looking for.

Our theme was Romeo+Juliet so he mixed dark red, burgundy, pink and white flowers with grapes, vines and gold accessories. It was stunning and well balanced with a lot of greenery, and big plants. Everybody thought it was part of the Castell.

Flowers play a big role in making your venue look special and magical.

What cultural aspects did you include in your big day?

The food. Paella, cava and churros brought a little Spanish touch to our wedding.

What is your advice for other couples?

I’d say two things.

1st thing: Don’t stress out: it is a wedding, not a presidential debate. So nothing can go wrong, let yourself be carried along (especially if Becky is around).

2nd thing: We encouraged our guests to stay the week ahead of the wedding, and every night we organised a little gathering. It was the best idea ever. Time goes really fast on the D day, so it’s nice to be able to take the time during the week to speak with everyone. It really enabled us to make the most of our wedding.

Thank you Caroline, and your review will always make us proud! Many thanks also to all of the vendors on our Romeo & Juliet Barcelona wedding. We hope you love the photos as much as we did.

Becky is the best thing that can happen to you if you plan to get married.
She made our crazy dream come true, and everything was beyond our expectations.

My husband and I live in London and we both work in quite demanding industries, so clearly, we couldn’t have done it without her.
But hiring Becky is not only about saving you time. She is creative, astute, crafty, inventive, patient, organised, smart and incredibly positive and smiley.

She is truly passionate about her job and is a rare mix of a creative mind paired with a pragmatic thinking. Not only will she ease the entire process by negotiating with your vendors, thinking of all the important details, helping you with the deadlines etc but she will also add a lot of creative values to the final result. You just have to trust her.

Becky is a gem, both as a professional and as a person. You can tell she truly cares about the people around her, whether they are a client or a partner, which probably explains why she manages to gather the best people around her, those who will happily go the extra mile to bring your wedding vision to life.

Becky thank you from the bottom of the heart. We are so grateful.

If only we could get married every year…







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