Signage & Floral Design - Barcelona Brides
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We include custom signage and seating plans in our packages. Please see below some of our past work.

wax stamp seating plan
hat welcome wedding
welcome sign wedding

seating plan shelf wedding

We also offer simple floral proposals as add ons to our services. Below you’ll find some samples of our work and estimate prices.

Wedding Ceremony Arch

From 300 EUR.

Green creeper and candelabro

20 EUR per table including candles.

High centre piece medium size

From 60 EUR including candles.

Gatsby style high centre piece medium size

From 70 EUR

High centre piece large size

From 100 EUR

Long table garland with flowers 

From 80 EUR per metre including candles

Bridesmaid Hoop

From 25 EUR

Classic Buttonhole 

From 15 EUR

Classic Wrist Corsage

From 30 EUR

Rustic Buttonhole 

From 10 EUR

Gatsby Bouquet

From 110 EUR

Rustic Bouquet

From 100 EUR