Barcelona Red Wedding Styling and Photography inspo
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Red Christmas Wedding Inspiration

You’re beautiful, unusual, I fell for you. Red! The colour of your lips, honey, wine. Happy unconventional Christmas! Instead of trees, stars and lights, we bring you metal frames, roses and no limitations! Red is the ultimate challenge to the conventional wedding palette.

Sometimes it takes something completely unusual to tell a story, floral creation by Pepe Von Strudel. A huge thanks to Veronica, who flew to Barcelona with her Daniele to give us this amazing suit from the new Linneo collection. Thank you also to a great team and Laura from The Red Tuft’s creative eye for images. 

Vendor Credits

Floral Design @pepevonstrudel 
Wedding design @barcelonabrides 
Photography @theredtuft 
Cakes @thehayatibakery 
Models @stepup4happiness and @fredmarafon 
MUAH @erion_mua 
Fashion and 

Vendor Credits



Floral Design @pepevonstrudel 
Wedding design @barcelonabrides 
Photography @theredtuft 
Cakes @thehayatibakery 
Models @stepup4happiness and @fredmarafon 
MUAH @erion_mua 


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