Pepe Von Strudel floral artist specialising in destination weddings
Interview with Pepe Von Strudel floral artist specialising in destination weddings. He works at wedding venues and hotels across Barcelona.
Pepe Von Strudel, floral artist, destination weddings
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Interview with Florist Pepe Von Strudel

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to one of our most trusted friends and collaborators – Pepe Von Strudel

Pepe is a floral artist specialising in destination weddings. In the past few years he has created many magnificent pieces for our Barcelona Brides for example on this stunning La Florida Barcelona Destination Wedding.

From arches to bouquets, table decoration and more, he is very versatile, talented and really fun to work with. Here is a little insight into his world.

How did you discover your flower power? 

It was actually by accident. I was studying landscape design in London and I went to help a friend that asked me if I would like to go and give at hand at a huge wedding, I loved it so much that I started to freelance the week after.

(Photo: Sicilian Wedding)

How would you define your style?

Natural and effortless, whilst also  glamorous and impactful.

Where do you get inspired for your creations? 

Everything has already been done, it is all about reinterpreting and updating. Personally, the fact that I was a freelance florist in London for 8 years, working for the 5 top florist with their particular styles, meant that I have to adapt my style deepening of were I was that day. That provided me with a great education!

(Photo: Fall arch at Hotel La Florida)

What type of clients do you enjoy working with? 

Clients who appreciate flowers, of course, and especially the ones who participate, even if it’s just with a few ideas, or by telling me what makes them happy. My job is to be creative but it’s also important to adapt to the ideas and budgets of my clients.

Show us some creations you are proud of!

I am proud of them all, but there are some that really reflect the character of the venue, region or landscape where the celebration is held. In my mind this is fundamental for a successful event. You can see pictures of some of my favourite pieces of work in this post.

(Photo: Mix of flowers and greens)

What do you love most about your job? 

The fact that every wedding is different and also all the hotels where I do the weekly flowers are different. That keeps me motivated!!

Apart from working, what else is Pepe Von Strudel passionate about?

Food! I’m more passionate about eating than cooking though. Travel and gardening and I love tropical plants. I have to confess I’m a plant trafficker ?





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