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C&L El Munt Wedding: Interview with the bride

As Barcelona brides go they do not get much more fun than Charlotte! This couple was a joy to work with and we loved going through all the images and reading through their interview. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

flower cake wedding

Describe your Barcelona wedding day in 3 words!

So. Much. Fun. 

People haven’t stopped telling us how much they enjoyed our wedding weekend and how much fun they had. We were able to have the whole venue (the incomparable El Munt) from the Thursday through to the Sunday so we stayed there with 24 of our friends for a whole 4 days. We had an amazing few days hanging out, getting some sun and partying before the day itself which was perfect because everyone is usually so busy so having that time to chill with our friends was invaluable. The day itself was everything we could have dreamed of and really reflected us as a couple.  

rustic wedding tables

What was your favourite memory from your Barcelona wedding?

Liam: We hadn’t planned a first dance but the first song that our DJ (DJ Lemon) played was “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac which is Chars favourite song of all time and so it turned into an impromptu first dance (we weren’t planning on doing a first dance really) which was awesome and I’m so glad we got that moment. I’m still not sure whether someone told him to play that or whether it was just a cool coincidence. But if someone did tell him – thank you because it meant a lot!  

first dance el munt

Char: I had felt like I was in a bubble the whole time leading up to the wedding but as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs and at the end of the aisle and saw Liam I finally realised that it was real life and not just a dream. I had to stop and take a moment to get my emotions in check but walking down the aisle was just the most perfect moment. Our friend and bridesmaid Ellie played piano and sang me down the aisle which was so meaningful and special. 

rustic ceremony sign
wedding ceremony hug

Why did you chose Barcelona as you wedding destination?

Given that we’re a Liverpudlian/Yorkshire couple we’re both very proud of where we’re from in the UK but our home towns are pretty far from each other so we didn’t want to pick one or the other. 

We also wanted a destination wedding so we could extend the celebrations and spend time with all of our favourite people somewhere sunny! Thank god we did because with everything that happened with Covid it made it extra special to be able to reunite with our family somewhere so beautiful. 

steps at el munt wedding

Char: Spain is a really special place to me because I studied abroad in Valencia for a year at uni and I speak Spanish so it made sense! 

citrus garland wedding tables

What did you love most about your wedding dress? How and where did you find it?

It felt like me. I’m really interested in bridal fashion and I had tried on a few other dresses and thought that they were what I wanted but as soon as Zoey at White Closet Bridal in Liverpool put me in my dress I knew it was right. I was pretty set on having a hi-low front of my dress and wanted a simple silhouette that would work really well with our colour scheme but I did find that I got overwhelmed when I was shopping and ended up trying on every style of dress under the sun. But when I met Zoey she understood my vision exactly and did the best job in executing that for me. 

wedding dress twirl

I also really wanted separates so I could make a very disco/studio 54 inspired second look using some of the pieces and Zoey was so helpful in helping me style both looks. We used The Sewing Room in Wallasey for tailoring and they did the best job in making sure I felt my best on the day. It was my absolute dream look. 

We also spent ages trying to find the perfect suits for Liam and his groomsmen/my bridesmen (I’m embarrassed to think about the amount of time I spent googling ties) and ended up going with a gorgeous sage green suit from Moss Bros Rental. Renting wasn’t something we’d initially considered but ended up being the most convenient way of getting everyone in suits that fitted well and aligned with our vision. 

If you did it all again what might you change?

Char: Honestly, there’s nothing I would change about the day but I would try and be more present and take a few minutes to take everything in! Because we had been planning it for so long (thanks covid) it all felt like a dream and didn’t feel really real until I was stood at the end of the aisle in my dress and so I don’t even remember what the aisle looked like because I was so overcome with emotion. So thank god we had the chance to go down and take a second look once everyone had left! Everyone tells you it goes so fast and I didn’t really believe them but honestly it really does so I maybe would have tried to take everything in a bit more because it truly feels like the happiest blur. We can’t wait to get our video and photos back though! 

wedding ceremony aisle

Liam: I’d make sure Char ate more of her food because Monchos did such a great job and she was too busy having a good time to get to eat everything. 

cheese buffet wedding
cheese buffet wedding
wedding canapes test tube

Tell us about the blooms. What was your favourite thing about your wedding flowers?

We wanted lots of greenery to go with our woodland ceremony space so we went with a lot of Olive branches and Eucalyptus mixed in with a variety of white florals and kumquats for a splash of colour. The result was perfect and really timeless which was our aim. The arch that phlox created was absolutely perfect for the space and looks amazing in all of our photos! 

circle wedding arch

My favourite part of the florals were our bouquets – Becky had recommended this amazing flower called a Protea which was so striking and just made the bouquets so stylish.

Protea wedding bouquet
Proteo wedding flowers

What is your advice for other couples getting married in Barcelona?


Char: I couldn’t recommend Barcelona Brides more – the level of calm that I felt the morning of my wedding is something that I will forever be grateful for as I knew that everything was taken care of by Becky, Maily and Claudia. My makeup artist Glow was shocked at the level of chill she walked into and it’s purely down to the fact that our planners were outstanding and had everything covered. I was able to enjoy getting ready with my mum and my bridal party without having to think about logistics. 

wedding dress rustic setting
wedding garland citrus

Like many others our wedding had to be postponed due to covid and Becky and the team were so helpful, professional and understanding during a time that was undoubtedly very difficult for the bridal industry and for that I am so grateful. 

wedding day couple on the swing

I have a pretty high stress job and so I really take time to consider time cost vs actual cost and I think having Barcelona Brides was the biggest time vs cost saving. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve half of what they did with our vendors and executing our vision had we not been working with a planning team who are so professional, creative and calming. I truly can’t thank them enough for helping us to have a wedding that was authentic to us and reflected us as a couple. 

What cultural aspects did you include in your big day?

Not cultural per se but non traditional – we really wanted to make sure that the ceremony reflected who we are as a couple and our values in terms of feminism and equality so hiring Toby Harper to do our ceremony was great because we got to personalise everything that was said. All of our guests said how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how personal it felt which was absolutely what we wanted as we had already done the legal stuff before we arrived so we wanted it to be all about our relationship and us as a couple. 

ceremony petal throw

Char: Both my mum and dad walked me down the first part of the aisle and then I walked myself down to where Liam was standing which felt right and in line with what we believe. We had both our mums do readings and I did a speech which isn’t in keeping with tradition but felt right to us.

wedding ceremony entrance

Vendor Credits

Photographer: Love Story Photography of @lovestorey.photography

Planner: Barcelona Brides of @barcelonabrides

Venue: El Munt

Florals: @phlox_events of Phlox

Catering: Moncho’s Catering Barcelona @monchoscatering

Make up and hair: Glow

And we are so grateful for their review:

We used Becky and her team to co-ordinate our wedding in Castelltercol just outside of Barcelona and it was hands down the best decision we could have made. With everything that the pandemic threw our way including one date change, one venue change and a number of changes in caterer Barcelona Brides were completely professional and creative in finding other vendors and putting our minds at ease. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect in every way and so can’t thank Becky, Maily and Claudia enough.

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