Shoot inspired by nostalgia of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
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Barcelona Summer 1992 Styled Shoot

After a grey year of restrictions, restrictions and more restrictions, we have the pleasure of sharing with you this fun styling concept from a talented and creative team. This shoot is inspired by nostalgia of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics: it’s primary colours and the beautiful movement of Olympic athletes. With a colourful hopeful feeling, this theme speaks to the bride and groom looking to revel in joy and love.

Kinship Press Tablescape

With this spirit of the vintage past, Acus Complementos’s latest range of accessories were perfect for this, with their luxurious and original shapes. Sporting a breathtaking headpiece by Salutinas and makeup and hair by Bokeh Makeup, our model Emma of Miah Management looked absolutely flawless and was able to move freely in one of one of the newest designs from Rime Arodaky  (this one is called Edel & Lilley).


Rime Arodaky Edel & Lilley Two Piece

For all you lovely brides, we’re lucky enough to have the Muse Collective at the ready here in Barcelona, where you can check out this stunning two piece design from Rime Arodaky! To book an appointment, click here. You can also read about our visit to the showroom here.

And of course every Olympic bride needs a bridal hoop to dance with! This beautiful creation together with all of the floral design was by Pepe Von Strudel.

Rime Arodaky Dress

The tablescape is rooted in colour with a beautifully designed menu from Kinship Press which draws from the palette of Barcelona Summer 1992 and the art of Joan Miró. With tableware and chairs by Alquiler Hosteleria and balloons by Penguins Bcn.

Rime Arodaky Dress Salutinas headpiece

Featuring the warm hazy Barcelona light, this shoot took place at Ca n’Amat de les Farines with it’s exposed brick reminiscent of 1992 Barcelona and shot by Iván from And I Love You So.

A shoot sure to ignite the energy in all brides-to-be! You can check out the full shoot and the vendor credits below.

Vendor Credits

Bridal fashion: Rime Arodaky Muse Collective

Planning: Barcelona Brides

Accessories: Acus Complementos

Headpiece: Salutinas

Model: Emma Climent of Miah Management

Locations: Ca n’Amat de les Farines

Tableware: Alquiler Hosteleria

Florals: Pepe Von Strudel

Tableware: Alquiler Hosteleria

Balloons: Penguins Bcn

Photography: And I Love You So

Stationary: Kinship Press

Muah: Bokeh Makeup

Candles: Alchimiste




Ca n’Amat de les Farines

Pepe Von Strudel Florals

Pepe Von Strudel design

Alquiler Hosteleria tablescape

Emma Climent of Miah Management

Emma Climent

Bokeh Makeup

Edel & Lilley

Salutinas headpiece

ACUS complementos

And I love You So

Barcelona 1992 look

Barcelona 1992 movement

Barcelona 1992 shoot

Barcelona 1992 styling

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