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How To Choose the Wedding Menu of Your Dreams

The wedding menu is one of the cornerstones of planning a successful wedding. Having incredible food for your big day is often one of the most important aspects of the planning process. We asked one of our favorite catering vendors, Original Catering Factory, to answer a few questions to help couples begin their wedding menu planning journey. If you are planning a destination wedding in Spain here are some tips to get you started and we can help you with the rest!

wedding buffet table covered in oreo cupcakes, puddings, wood, and palm leaves

For foreign couples what dishes should not be missed in a typical wedding menu?

The essential appetizers are ham, salmon, foie and something with a vegetable. They never fail! For the dishes served at the table, the ideal setup is to have a fresh and light starter and the main course is meat or fish.  

wedding tables covered in candelabras, roses, place settings and cafe lights above

For couples with a low budget for their wedding, what advice do you give them when preparing a wedding menu?

It is important to maximize personalization. If a couple has a tight budget, they have to prioritize which snacks and dishes served at the table are non- negotiable and which can be cut or decreased. For example, fewer hours of an open bar will save money. A good, less-expensive option is to have a cocktail wedding; something more informal where guests can interact with the food with each other throughout the wedding.

Which are your favorite venues to work for and why?

We love working in any space that opens its doors. We do not have preferences because for us each wedding is different and each space is unique.

Yard filled with cocktail tables surrounded by wedding guests

What do you think will be the catering trends in Spain in 2020 and how is it represented in the menus you have?

The appetizer course becomes very important and more and more couples want the appetizer to be more extensive than the lunch or dinner itself. Stations or buffets with quality products and fresh-cooked or prepared at the time of the event is always popular. This means that guests can actively participate in the wedding and get to know the product better.

wedding buffet table covered in french macarons, puddings, and fruit from wedding menu

What is your favorite dish for a wedding banquet and why?

We love anything that can surprise us both visually and with flavor.

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Planner: Barcelona Brides

Photography: Laura Stramacchia and And I Love You So

Catering: Original Catering Factory