Laberinto de Horta Wedding - Barcelona Brides
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Laberinto de Horta Wedding

The wedding of Betty & Steven

Betty and Steven from New Orleans have been writing their story over the last 7 years. Having formed a family and built a strong union, they chose their 7th anniversary (which just happened to fall on the 7th of the 7th 2017) to elope and write their next chapter in Barcelona. The bride look beautiful with a laid back lace two piece and make up and hair by Erika Make-up.

Barcelona Brides carried out their ceremony underneath the romantic cúpulas of the Parc de Laberinto de Horta. Their personalised vows and readings included a blessing for the couple and a reading about their journey. After the wedding wedding photographer Asier Altuna took the opportunity to photograph Betty and Stephen in the Gótico area for this intimate post wedding photo shoot where the light seemed to beam straight on them.

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