Galia Lahav at Barcelona Bridal Week - Barcelona Brides
Galia Lahav Gala Collection
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Galia Lahav at Barcelona Bridal Week

Galia Lahav‘s bridal fashion creations are my definition of a dream. This occasion was the closest I had ever come to a Galia Lahav. I was more than excited to see this luxurious ready-to-wear collection up close.

Thanks to photographer Iván Caster we have photos of their two bridal lines straight from Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Some of these designs are from their Couture line, which is custom made and made-to-measure. Others are from their ready-to-wear Gala line which is sold in unite sizes (36-44). 

I hope you love them as much as I did, just remember in case you fall for one of these designs it takes approximately 3 months to have your own custom made!

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